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What is SEO ?

Marketing on search engines (Search Engine Marketing, abbreviated as SEM) = SEO + PPC. In particular, PPC (Pay Per Click, with Google as Google Adwords service) is a form of paid ads to appear on search results pages. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

If you want to advertise PPC - Adwords is easy, regardless of who has international credit cards such as VISA, MASTER CARD are able to register and run ads.

Doing SEO is much harder, you can spend a few million to go to school or can hire SEO firms perform your service faster.

SEM is considered a tool in marketing and branding, products and services on the Internet. SEO usually long-term, and short-term Adwords: promotion, ... How well will help websites can reach more than 70% of traffic comes from Google, enhance reputation and your brand on the Internet.

Implementing SEO is a very independent job. But to achieve the best results, it should be used in conjunction with other tools such as Social Media, Email Marketing, ..

In Vietnam, SEO is becoming increasingly popular, is seen as a money-making enterprise, a work full of thinking or a unique creative field! An estimated 20,000 people are practicing SEO and this number continues to rise.
The role of the Business SEO Internet Business

For businesses on the Internet, the fight for top position in the ranking of search engines is extremely important.

People are searching every day and most only look at the first results page. So if a customer is looking for your product, and you happen to be listed on the second page, there will be less likely customers visiting your site.

What is SEO Science master seo
Google decides the order of search results look like?

Google uses over 200 criteria to determine the order of websites in search results, and its algorithm is always a big secret. These factors can be classified into two groups: those elements within the website (content, structure) and external factors website (blacklink, traffic).

Understanding the concept of SEO is what will help you have the correct view of the field this artistic.

Wishing you success with SEO profession.

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